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A bit of renewal --- part 2

As I said before, "Always dress for the slide, not the ride!". And the only way to prepare for it is to be well equipped.

Thus, our equipment is vital to our comfort and protection. But, being thus exposed to the vagaries of the road, they end up wearing out or losing their effectiveness. This is why a helmet is given for an effective life of 5 years from its manufacture, or at least from its first use. Mine has had its day. This year, I had to renew it. Of course, I chose a new model to match my type of motorcycle. And since since the beginning of my riding I have been a fervent lover of the quality and reliability of Shoei, I chose the Hornet X2 to accompany me in my next adventures!

thanks to Motovan and R4L Performance for their contribution and help in obtaining this highly sought-after model! I have a helmet again that sticks to my face, giving me jowls!

All I have to do now is put my communication equipment back in place.

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