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Day 1 - Québec - Nouveau Brunswick 2023

And so on this beautiful sunny morning, we set off for the second part of the 2023 event.

Starting from the Actiforme parking lot, we drove towards Chambly then took the waterfront towards Sorel. A first stop at Otterburn Park allowed me to learn that, no, it is not a problem with the configuration of my on-board computer, but rather the wire for my iPhone which failed me, thereby preventing any use of the my Apple car play and communication with others. This problem will find its solution in Sorel with a visit to Bureau en gros!

In the meantime, the second stop, also unforeseen, took place at the Canal-de-Saint-Ours national park. A pleasant place to stretch your legs and see the locks up close. I'll leave you with the search for my untraceable communication device before leaving, which I was sure I had put in a pocket of my pants. After a good 5 minutes of feeling everywhere, the mystery was solved... It was not in the pocket, but in the ventilation opening that I had placed it, thus finding it at my knee! In short, I told you the same story.

A short leap in time, we left Sorel (after purchasing the cable) to go to the Forges du Saint-Maurice national park. About 20 kilometers from the finish line, a storm broke out. The rain was intense, to the point where doubt was raised about the feasibility of visiting the park. But, once parked and the engine turned off, the rain also stopped. Could there be a link? Nobody knows. We were therefore able to visit the Forges without problem and even the blast furnace.

Finally, after getting back on the road, we headed towards Roberval taking the 155. A curving road in a captivating landscape that alternates coniferous forest and lakes, laced and straight lines while going up and down. Seriously a road to travel if you have a motorbike.

After 500.5 kilometers we finally arrived at our destination, thereby ending the day.

Merci à toutes et tous de me suivre.

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