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Day 2 - Québec et New Brunswick 2023

And there you have it, the second day ends on a route, all in all, small but which will have taken us the day.

In fact it all started with a full tank of gas then, when the rain had decided to be our companion again, we headed towards the village of Val-Jalbert. The visit began dripping with rain. We visited the Saint-Georges school which traces education in the village in the 1920s, including the classrooms where I became a child again on his school desk, the living quarters of the teaching sisters, the kitchen and others facilities.

Then we went to the general store, various houses and the pulp factory. Moreover, there is an immersive show in this one that is really worth the detour. The presentations are really successful and everything is highlighted by people hosting the various places in period costume.

After spending more than 4 hours sightseeing, the road finally began to unfold under my tires again. We quietly reached Saguenay to pass on the north bank of the river. From there, we took the 172 to Tadoussac. And quite honestly, for the first time for me, it's one of the most beautiful roads I've ever had to travel. The surface is of good quality, even perfect in certain places, but, above all, the succession of turns is intoxicating. Not to mention that the landscape is absolutely magnificent because we follow the bed of a river. In places, the feeling of being in a distant land imposes itself in front of the cut-up of the bed.

Of course, here again the rain, in places, drenched us intensely. Besides, this allows me to say that Michelin really makes good tires that grip in the rain even for studded models (I have Anakee Adventure for those interested).

Against all expectations, thanks to work, I was able to do a 4 km gravel road! I really didn't expect it!

In short, tomorrow is another day during which we will cross the river.

Merci tout le monde.

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