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Day 3 - Québec et New Brunswick 2023

This morning, we took the road towards Baie-Comeau. Unlike the previous days, the sun was out. The 138 was then able to come to life under our wheels. First in the middle of a rocky landscape rising from the sea, the ribbon of bitumen then plunges us into vegetation dominated by conifers. Then, at the bend in the path, the forest offers a glimpse of the St. Lawrence River and then allows us to follow it. Les Escoumins thus presents itself to us with its magnificent bay. We take the opportunity to stop there and stock up on ice. Then we continue playing leapfrog with a succession of shores cut by the river, all competing in beauty. The air is filled with a scent of iodine specific to the sea.

Then we delve a little further inland to pass through Forestville where we take the time to visit the information center and then go for a leisurely coffee along the main road of this long village.

A fat guy on a Harley suddenly sits down at our table to talk to us about motorcycles and ask where we were going. “Biker” camaraderie at its best and simply.

We then took the road again to go to Baie-Comeau, not without taking the time to picnic along the river, then, from there, take the 389 to get to the Jean-Lesage hydroelectric power station, more commonly called Manic 2. Of course, in the meantime the rain joined us on the road. This tireless travel companion never ceases to surprise us, especially at the wrong time, such as in work zones or when numerous tight turns follow one behind the other. In short, that didn't stop us from visiting the power plant. I recommend doing this at every opportunity, just like Manic 5. The animators are very good, and it is very instructive to see what was accomplished by the Quebec genius. The visit lasts approximately one hour and tomorrow and you must book in advance.

The visit finished, we left to take the ferry between Baie-Comeau and Matane. While standing in the queue for the motorbikes, I came across two guys who were returning from Blanc-Sablon by road to also cross the other bank, having not been able to get a place in the one from Blanc-Sablon. We were able to relax and eat on board the boat. There are now Pokémon Balls, a nice addition to their menu. Finally, it was in the dark that we reached Cap-Chat to sleep.

Tomorrow we leave for Gaspé and we will see what the weather will be like at that time.

Merci de me suivre.

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