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Day 4 - Côte-Nord

This morning, I decided to stay one more day at Parc de la pointe aux Outardes. The calm of the place and the sound of the waves are no stranger to it.

Having walked the beach yesterday (and another part a few minutes ago), I figured I had to go inland.

It's very good for my health and it allows me to continue to participate in the Actiforme challenge. :)

So I rode their “adventurer” route, a fun little 5 km.

For the table, try reading the small poster.

Then following that I took the motorcycle to go and visit the surroundings. So I went to Anse Saint-Pancrasse or more exactly to the belvedere. Really a beautiful point of view that deserves the detour.

Afterwards, I went to the "forest village of yesteryear" which explains the life of the loggers from 1918 to 1950. Let's say it was hard and demanding work to say the least. A nice visit to do either solo like me or with a guide, if you arrive on time and you know it exists. :)

After some reading, I went to see the sunset again.

Tomorrow, I resume the planned course of history. Direction Sept-Iles!

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