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Day 4 - Québec et New Brunswick 2023

What's better than waking up, grabbing your cup of coffee and going to sip it while watching the waves of the St. Lawrence River lapping on a pebble beach? Personally, I find this hard to beat! This is how our fourth day began. There are really worse things than that, I admit!

We hit the road under a beautiful sun which, for once, did not leave us all day and that felt really good.

After breakfast, because sometimes you need to recharge your batteries, we set off for Gaspé for a themed day!

We made a first stop at the La Martre lighthouse. It was built in 1906 entirely out of wood and has not changed since. Well almost, of course no one goes up to feed it with fuel anymore or raises the counterweight to allow it to rotate, but its Fresnel lens still rests on its mercury bath (11 liters!). The tour guided by the "madam of the kiosk", yes she is the receptionist who guards the shop and guides it, was interesting and humorous. A little corner to discover.

We took the road again to go to Cap de la Madeleine to see another lighthouse. We did not visit the interior of it, but simply walked around and enjoyed the scenery.

Then, after another few dozen kilometers, we stopped again to go visit what? A lighthouse!!! When I told you that the day had a theme! To go see it, you have to leave the 132 to travel 4 km of gravel road, not always in great condition. But honestly, it was definitely worth it. The Pointe-à-la-Renomée lighthouse is not only pretty, but there is also a whole, in fact 3, visit to do. This is a private site run by passionate people who only want one thing: you share their story! First, we are told about the construction of the first lighthouse and why it was put there. Then comes its replacement by the current lighthouse which, to get to us, has traveled quite a bit, let's say. I won't say more about him, it's up to you to find out. All this is told to us through a very good quality video with really well-executed humor. Then comes the visit of the lighthouse, independently, then that of an exhibition on Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of TSF (wireless telegraphy).

Finally, before going to Gaspé, we went around Forillon Park and what did we take advantage of???? And yes, go see a fourth lighthouse!!! It has been closed since July 11 by the CSST and we do not know when it will be possible to visit the interior. We can nevertheless take a tour of it. We also went to see Fort Péninsule which engraved the entrance to the bay towards Gaspé during the Second World War.

Après seulement quelque 330 km, mais une journée complète, nous sommes arrivé à destination les yeux remplis de paysages et avec quelques coup de soleil.

Merci à tputes et tous de me suivre.

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