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Day 5 - Côte-Nord

After a good night's sleep, or at least correct, and a quiet breakfast, I had fun folding up my tent. I took my time and chatted with a few people intrigued by the guy with the loaded motorcycle. :) "It's not a problem since I have just under 300 kms", not bad what I thought to myself.

So here I am off to survey Route 389, the river on the right, the forest on the left and the ribbon of bitumen that scrolls by.

Then I make my first stop to visit the Pointe-des-Monts lighthouse. By the way, this is where the Golf du Saint-Laurent begins! I was just asking myself the question yesterday.

The visit is worth the detour. You must not be too wide to pass in certain places, nor be afraid of very steep and cramped stairs! Let's say that life as a lighthouse keeper was really not easy in this isolation. On the other hand, there are generations of lighthouse keepers. A video of some 22 minutes (I didn't time it, that's what I was told at reception) explains the creation of lighthouses on the St. Lawrence and their disappearance.

I'm not there after stopping for a few moments in Port-Cartier in a park. You have to relax your legs sometimes.

Then I set off again towards my final destination for this day: Sept-Iles.

Once the tent was pitched, in fact, hooked up I should say, I went to eat a lobster roll at the "fisherman's snack". I had read an article in La Presse on this snack easily 3 or 4 years ago and since then it was pinned in my google maps patiently waiting for my visit! That was delicious!

Once this text is published, I will leave the port, where I write this text, to go quietly to rest in my tent in the middle of mosquitoes. :/

Merci à toutes et tous.

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