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Day 5 - Québec et New Brunswick 2023

The expedition's day off!

And yes, after 4 days of driving, we stayed in Percé to visit a little.

It was originally supposed to be a rainy day but luckily it wasn't.

After visiting some souvenir shops last night, we started the morning with a nice big breakfast... When I say big, I mean HUGE! No Sens! Then we went to buy our tickets for the famous rock tour as well as for Bonaventure Island. We took a chance by telling ourselves that at worst, we would only see a small part of it if it becomes too intense.

So here we are, embarked on a tour of the rock. It's still huge even though it takes hundreds of tons of rock every year. The current arch is doomed to collapse, but not now anyway, much to our delight.

We were able to observe it from all angles despite a sea that was starting to move due to the rain that was coming and the movement of air masses. So much so that several people got seasick and started vomiting! Very nice...NOT! The trick, for me, is to constantly look out the window at a point on the horizon and visualize the movement of the waves hitting us. This re-synchronizes the inner ear a little with what the eyes see..

Finally, we arrived at the island, still without rain, where we began our walk on the Chemin du Roy. Just like the lighthouses yesterday, we hopped from house to house. Some can be visited, others not, but all have an explanation for their presence.

Along the way, we went to the gannet nesting place. In fact, we won't hide it, we feel them then we hear them before seeing them. It must be said that the colony remains impressive despite the ravages of avian flu last year which reduced the colony by 13%! We are currently talking about a colony of 46,000 individuals!!! It's really crowded. Nesting is over, the young are slowly losing their down and getting their feathers.

Then the time came to return to the entrance to the park and we covered 10 km (approximately) without receiving a single drop of water.

On the other hand, as soon as we returned to the dock, which was less eventful, the rain started and will not leave us even tomorrow. But that’s for another post!

Merci à tours et tous de me suivre.

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