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Day 6 - Côte-Nord

And the day began with a hot shower after a relatively cold night. This was followed by the proper dismantling of the tent and the famous game of Tetris to get everything back on the bike. Then the hour of departure rang.

So I left Sept-Iles with the objective of Natashquan. For that, just one road: the 138! We have two choices when we take it: ride while waiting for it to happen or open our eyes and sometimes get off this road to come back to it.

My first gap was on the 138 itself. There is a stop with an information kiosk just before a bridge. This is the Manitou Falls. To get there, after paying at the information center, you have to cross the bridge on foot along the 138 (don't panic, the traffic is light) then you go down 239 steps, according to the lady at reception and I also counted, then you can see the main fall. But without descending all these steps, we see the smallest ones. Let's say that I did my cardio because there is also walking in the forest (and mosquitoes, but the North Shore has a lot of them) all fully equipped (my road suite and hydration bag) … in short , got hot but highly recommend going, and also the Toucan boots from Alpinestars! ;)

Then on the way again on the 138, I see a Park Canada sign … it does not take more for me to get out of the trajectory and stop. Interesting visit on the history of the area as well as the fauna and flora of the river. Plus, the people are super nice. You will also find the answer there on where the river, the estuary and the golf course begin.

I then stopped in Havre-Saint-Pierre and Baie-Johan-Beetz, … in short, quite a few places.

In bulk:

And finally, I finally visited Natashquan!!! The end of the paved road!!!

Merci tout le monde.

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