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Day 6 - Québec et New Brunswick 2023

This time, MétéoMedia was not mistaken. Looking on my phone yesterday, I could see rain all along the route Well, that's actually what happened, with more intensity though and on everything with more winds!

The latter was so intense and changeable that I almost didn't need to remove the water with the squeegee integrated into my left thumb, it took care of it brilliantly. Obviously, this implies handling in constant lateral movement, a rear tire whose grip must be managed, just like the front one.

In short, this quite limits the ability to observe the world around us and the desire to stop at every street corner.

But that doesn't stop you from making a few important visits, you shouldn't exaggerate all the same. This is how we went to visit the Acadian Museum of Quebec. Victims of their successful settlement on the banks of the river, England wanted to conquer the territory on which the Acadians lived. This took place during the 7 Years' War between France and England. Finally, after many skirmishes (and more), France ceded this territory to the English who then issued an ultimatum: submit to the king or be deported. The Acadians of course refused submission and were persecuted and deported in 1755. It was "the great disturbance"!

Many of them died during this deportation, from hunger, shipwrecks, deprivation, etc. But some settled as far away as Louisiana.

Others, around a thousand, fled to Restigouche. Indeed, this part was still French. Moreover, it is here that our second visit took place, that of the museum of the Battle of Restigouche. It was in this river that the last naval combat of this 7-year war took place, which ended with the scuttling of the Machault, an imposing 26-gun sailboat. Unable to win the battle, its captain decided to sink it so as not to let it fall into the hands of the English. The museum, part of the Parc Canada family, is a place to absolutely visit. The hosts are just perfect and overflowing with humor and knowledge. There you can learn how a cannon is armed, how the transatlantic voyage took place and what brought this ship to be in this river.

In short, even if the rain ended this day prematurely, for obvious reasons of safety and permeability, it was still rich in culture due to lack of landscapes.

Merci à toutes et tous de me suivre.

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