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Day 9 - Québec et New Brunswick 2023

The last day of the adventure will end with a scientific activity. Indeed, when leaving Mégantic, it is impossible, as far as I am concerned, not to pass by the Mont Mégantic observatory.

This is why I organized a “daytime astronomy activity” for us. This consists of a guided tour of the exhibition “From the Starry Sky to the Infinite Universe”, where you will learn how to measure the Universe and how it was done over the centuries. Then viewing the film Emergence which shows the universe from the smallest (the Quarks) to the largest, the Universe itself. Then, it ends with the virtual cosmos, which immerses you in space and its distances via virtual reality. And finally, we have the chance to visit the popular observatory and not the "main" one which is under repair following humidity problems in the walls as well as a breakage of its gears during an emergency shutdown following a short circuit in its orientation motors. But you should know that these are two telescopes sharing the same design. The main one is just 3 times bigger than that of the popular observatory. One thing that is really impressive, apart from the scientific side of course, is the quality of the people who present the exhibitions and the observatory to you. This is a destination not to be missed. If you can, go for it!

Then we headed towards Coaticook with a few detours, you know me, so we could taste ice cream straight from the producer! A delight, we won't hide it. Besides, it's hard to choose, because opposite, there's the microbrewery!

Then with the weather turning rainy again, we headed towards our “finish line” via more direct routes.

This is how the 2023 adventure for the benefit of multiple sclerosis is over.


Merci à tous et toutes de m’avoir suivi et soutenu.

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