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J+10 … last day in jasper

It is with regret that I will leave Jasper. The campsite, Whistler, is really good. The facilities are all new (it reopened this year) and the people very nice. Not only is it well placed, very close to Jasper (2.4 km) and on the glacier route, but there are also pleasant visitors in the morning. In fact, the Wapitis did not leave. They are in the forest just behind and come to visit us very frequently. We must not forget that we are the intruders on their territory and not the other way around!

Speaking of the glacier route (but no I'm not rambling, I'm elaborating!) I made my way to the Columbia Glacier. I didn't buy a ticket to take the bus in a dense crowd to ride on the glacier. There are several reasons for this: yes, buses on a glacier do not pollute at all (it's ironic of course) and I already went to walk on glaciers in France in my youth. So I didn't see the point of doing a paid walkabout in a crowded bus with my motorcycle gear on top ...

But to get there, I had to walk the glacier road and let's be frank, I was driving at energetic road speeds without counting a phenomenal number of stops !!! This road is simply magical! I also stopped to see Athabasca Falls. Seriously, really not enough eyes to see it all. The beauty of nature is in every corner, at every turn.

In vrac:

Come take a look, it's seriously beautiful!

Tomorrow, Lake Louise… ha yes, that means I'm doing this road again, I'm lucky!

Thank you for following me.

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