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J+8 … Change of scenery

So I left Devon this morning. I am clarifying, but I know that you know about it since you read me from the beginning, right?

So I had the right to a nice storm which allowed me to test the waterproofness of my Klim outfit as well as my Toucan boots (Alpinestars). And to date it passes the test. No, it's not product placement, it's just if you were wondering, well you have the answer.

In short, after a hundred kilometers, The Sun slowly reappeared to also warm the atmosphere.

My path in Alberta has become increasingly steep. These are still great straight lines, but they are rising more and more frankly. Then suddenly, they appear far away. They hide, veil themselves timidly, but it is they, the Canadian Rockies !!!!

The road is starting to be more curvy and pleasurable. It goes up and down but never returns to its previous level. We notice that the altitude is increasing, we have the feeling ... or we dream it because we already want to be there in these mountains.

Then suddenly they are there! And there is a lack of eyes. We envy the spiders with their multiple looks so much there is beauty to put under the pupils! There are possible stops along the route to observe but there is much more to see than what is offered to us in these breaks.

Finally arrived, I pitch my tent in a setting that you can only envy me. It was 2 days of rest for me after these 4500 kms of motorbike. In fact, an Albertan had his picture taken with me and the bike, he couldn't get over it! :)

Thanks to follow me!

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