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Day 1 - Côte-Nord

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The departure therefore took place this morning at 8:30 from the Actiforme parking lot.

So I headed north. Of course, taking the highway is out of the question! It would be far too simple. So I went along the Richelieu to Sorel and then followed the short course of the Saint-Laurent. So I went past this institution that is Nicolet and then crossed to the other side at Trois-Rivières. I took the opportunity to visit the “Forges National Historic Site” managed by Parks Canada.

Then I resumed my way to Quebec and then beyond. I was able to see pretty areas including Charlevoix, but not only.

After some 540 km and 21.9 liters of petrol (and yes, I still have 2.6 liters left !!! …. She is as sober as a camel) I finally arrived at my destination.

After a good 9 hours in the saddle, it's time to set up the tent, then eat and... sleep!

Merci à tous.

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