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Planning is moving forward ….

In about four months, it will be time to leave. So I continue the preparations, slowly but surely. Since I have to cover close to 400 km of gravel roads, I signed up for an off-road course. It will be useful to take full control of my mount!

So I went to reservations. The requests for the Manic 5 and the Manic 2 are sent and this weekend, I will tackle campsites and others.

I still have to insert the various offices of the Multiple Sclerosis Society on the route, perhaps make a stop or drop-off point there, as well as those of tourist information.

As for collection, it is slowly taking off. This is just the beginning and $425 has been raised.

You can also contribute via

Of course you can participate, remember to register and start collecting donations here:

I can't wait for the snow to melt, I have a helmet to shop for!

Meanwhile, I prepare the road and more!



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