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Preparation is on its way

This weekend marks the beginning of the countdown before the departure for the great adventure. So I started organizing side cases as well as my top case. Of course, this is all subject to change since I'm just beginning to put it all together. The goal is to limit myself as much as possible to my suitcases and to leave the rear saddle free. It will mean that I haven't raised my center of gravity very much.

On the other hand, I have no illusions, there may be at least my sleeping bag. Because, even if I put all my camping necessities in my right suitcase, including my tent, I certainly couldn't fit my sleeping bag in the right suitcase with the rest of my stuff. It's not heavy, it's just very bulky!

In parallel to that, I also take care of the motorcycle. It must be well prepared at the start as well. I therefore undertook a thorough cleaning of the chain and its constituents. It is, like tires, a central element of safety. Without the chain, the motorcycle does not move forward and worse, in the event of a break, it is practically an insured accident. So I ran it through WD40 (anyone cleaning grease's best friend) and the sprokets. Let's just say it needed a lot.

There is still some maintenance and details to be worked out, but it's going well. In less than three weeks, I take off!



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