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The end of 2023 is upon us ...

It is then time to take stock of this year, but also of the previous ones.

As you all know, this year was very “wet”. Even if the forest fires were still very present during the first 6 months, making me think about 2021, the month of August reversed the trend by delivering 9 days of rain out of the 12 of my epic 2023.

Never mind! This allowed me to not only test the limits of my equipment:

  • Bablands pro for the pants and Carlsbad for the Klim jacket

  • my tires: Michelin Anakee Adventure

But also that of my Africa Twin Adventure Sport, which did not disappoint me in any way.

Yes, the rain complicated things, reducing the number of photos, the number of stops and making me dry in motels rather than in a tent, but it did not extinguish the beauty of our Quebec landscapes nor your ability to to support me.

In fact, this year, we raised close to $5,000 ($4,816 to be exact) for the benefit of multiple sclerosis. As usual, your generosity and support are the fuel that makes me continue to organize my fundraisers. As for fuel, you all know my personal reasons, but I will also add the pleasure of motorcycle adventure! Thank you all for this successful edition despite inflation, the weather and all the little glitches in life.

Having started since 2014, this was the 10th time that I have raised funds for MS research. Ten years traveling the roads of Quebec and Canada. Ten years of asking you and “polluting” your Facebook feeds with my posts for this cause. Out of these 10 years, 8 were part of the event that I set up in order to make my contribution. This has also evolved by adapting to the capacity of my motorcycle, its rider (yes, yes, that makes a difference), but also health constraints. From a group course of 300 to 400 km, it moved to an adventure mode in 2021 with a 9,300 km course across Canada to the Rockies, then became more "reasonable" again with settings like those of the Coast -North then Gaspésie even combining this year a local route as before.

Overall, you have allowed me to harvest in 10 years: 39 274$ !

For a small event on a human scale, organized in my area, I find it important to show you that your involvement alongside me, over time, represents substantial assistance to research.

Alors MERCI!!!

Merci à tous et toutes pour votre support, vos dons et votre implication.


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