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About me

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Stopping MS: It Works! », Has been, since 2015, a day in June where motorcyclists join their passion with commitment and unite around the same goal: to stop Multiple Sclerosis!

After a Trans-Canadian edition then along the North-Coast, “ Stop MS: it's rolling! Will bring you on  3 200 kms journey the Québec province!



Who am I?

My wife being affected by this disease, and not being able to participate directly in the discovery of the causes and / or a cure, I wanted to be able to get involved in spite of everything in order to move the situation forward.

Having been able to raise funds over the past few years during another event that has ceased, I decided to create " Stop MS: It's Rolling!" ". It is only a drop in the ocean, but it will, along with all the others, bring hope that one day we will overcome this disease.

What does the event consist of?

Carried out in the spirit of a walk, this event aims to bring together motorcycle enthusiasts who will travel the asphalt for a good cause.

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