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The adventure

This summer, we are going to discover 4 provinces (Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec) during a 5,200 km journey (
Below you will find the dates and departure cities for the day on the route. (To come depending on ferry places)

     Start Date                                Departure city (stage length)                            Province

1-  Sunday August 4th               Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (665 km)              Québec
2- Monday August 5th             
Pointe aux Outardes (359 km)                    Québec

3- Tuesday August 6th             Uapishka Station (502 km)                          Québec / Newfoundland and Labrador

4- Wednesday August 7th        Churchil  (304 km)                                        Newfoundland and Labrador

5- Thursday August 8th            Happy Goose Valey Bay (421 km)               Newfoundland and Labrador

6- Friday August 9th                 Port Hope Simson (402 km)                        Newfoundland and Labrador / Québec

7- Saturday August 10th           Pinware River Provincial Park (212 km)       Québec / Newfoundland and Labrador

8- Sunday August 11th              Pistolet Bay Campground (337 km)             Newfoundland and Labrador

9- Monday August 12th            Green Bay (347 km)                                      Newfoundland and Labrador   

10- Tuesday August 13th          North Sidney (198 km)                                  Nova-Scotia

11- Wednesday August 14th      Cap-Breton (555 km)                                   Nova-Scotia / New Brunswick

12- Thursday August 15th         Kouchibouguac (462 km)                            New Brunswick / Québec

13- Friday August 16th               Le Bic (518 km)                                             Québec

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