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I know, I neglected you a bit. Let's say the days were full.

So what can I say… Ha yes, my DIY worked. I used a backup iPhone (understand by my old iPhone) that I attached to my gps with ty-raps (bin, I needed a mount and the GPS was off then…). I connected it to my shared connection on my (new) iPhone to load the route into Google maps. Then I plugged it all into my Africa Twin and triggered the Apple car play. So, I had my makeshift GPS, and it works as long as you don't restart the "old" phone that loses the map. And outside the cell region… well, too bad.

I still managed to make my relatives 860 kms with this hack. Let's say I was happy to arrive at the motel at 8:30 pm that night. The hot shower was a pleasure. And freeze-dried food too :).

I then left for Thunder Bay the next morning. Same DIY for about 460 kms this time. I saw a crazy amount of trees along the road. Understand that this is not the most enchanting landscape in the world. But as one passes along a lake to get to Thunder Bay, it becomes more interesting. It is hilly and winding with alternation of forests (yes again) and lakes. Not badly pleasant.

At my destination, I was able to reunite with my brother-in-law and his family as well as a couple of their friends. And there…. Miracle. Their friends have a computer and they don't mind if I download the TomTom app to reset my GPS !!!!! And it works !!! I am again in possession of my gps !!!!

It’s still a lot easier. Especially since I bought it a few years ago to make this trip!

So I was able to drive my 475 km without wondering if the phone was going to restart or not. On the other hand, the Apple car play has its advantages such as a simple and clear interface, a clear presentation of songs ... But you have to connect the phone via a wire (heuuuuuu why?) And absolutely pair a wireless headset (and if I want to just the cards?).

Anyway, I got there without a hitch. Of course, over these three days I encountered rain, heat, but above all really impressive forest fire smog !!! It's intense and on a motorcycle nothing is filtered! Talk to my sinuses, they'll tell you.

Tomorrow I'm finally leaving Ontario to go camping in a Park Canada park. So there are 580 kms waiting for me and not just the motorway. I will try to give you two words.

Thanks everyone!

PS: the collection continues until my return!

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