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A bit of renewal

One of the components of the feeling of freedom provided by the motorcycle is the fact of evolving freely within the elements, of being in direct contact with the environment which surrounds us.

Unlike the 4-wheel mode of transportation (and I'm not talking about quads, and other such models for off-road adventure), we don't have bodywork or windshields that put us in a bubble protecting us rain and cold, but also pebbles, flies and other flying bugs. It is therefore our equipment that absorbs these meteorological disturbances and insects.

This freedom of movement also comes with its share of risks. We are constantly balanced on two wheels, aided in this by the gyroscopic effect, and this balance can quite easily be broken. Whether it's changing road conditions, gravel or wet white lines, the grip of our tires can simply suddenly disappear. Not to mention the other risks inherent in the road such as animals crossing or cars that do not see us. As I often say "Always dress for the slide, not the ride!". Well, of course, I am far from being the only one to say it... Fortunately.

Who says long hours in the saddle eating asphalt or gravel also says maintaining good hydration. As you must have seen on my previous posts during my transCanada, I used a fluorescent yellow bag containing a 3L bladder for my stages in the heat and my camping evenings. He too was getting old and the drinking valve started to leak during my trip. So I had to replace it or change the whole thing. After browsing the various manufacturer sites for a long time, I came across a backpack that can hold a 3.75 liter hydration bladder. Having for almost 10 years Kriega bags to carry my things on my saddle, I came across a very interesting brand marriage. Rev'it has teamed up with Kriega to create a line of super well thought out and solid backpacks. This year, thanks to Rev'it's support in my multiple sclerosis awareness campaign, I'm going to ride with the Barren 18L.It will be able to accompany me wherever I go, both on a motorcycle and on foot.

So, thanks to Rev'it, and Bruce, for your support in this cause and this adventure.

Without a doubt, it will accompany me for many years and in my craziest projects.

Thank you all for following me on my travels.

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