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A week ago I was coming home after 21 days on the road and nearly 9,300 km.

This adventure began with a childhood dream: to travel to Vancouver, the city that seemed so far away when I was 10 years old on the board of the game Risk. Then, in view of our last two years which I will call "to forget", I decided to jump in this 2021 and raise funds for multiple sclerosis. As you all know, this disease has a special resonance in my case and I have seen the damage that containments can do.

As early as 2020, I had this idea in mind (first containment in progress). My first partner, Actiforme, gave me the keys to getting in shape and preparing myself physically. You should know that I am not a born athlete. Sports and I are not long-time friends, really not. They managed to get me to train at least 3 times a week via Zoom and then on site when it was possible again. At the start of 2021 I started looking for a new bike as my 17 year old CB 599 was starting to get uncomfortable for me, especially for such a long ride. So I shopped Triumph, BMW and Honda. This is where my second partner, R4L, entered the dance. After discussions, I equipped myself with an Africa Twin 2020 with crash bar and suitcases. Finally, I had to review my clothes to optimize them for comfort and possible weather conditions. My third partner, Klim, then comes into play.

Finally, the fundraising campaign, launched in parallel, allowed me to have a Bronze partner who believed in me and in the cause I was defending. Videotron is thus invested by donating for research on Multiple Sclerosis. Since I created this annual event in 2015, they have always participated silently. And it is with pleasure that this year I was able to announce their official support.

This is how I set off on July 31 on my well-defined course. … Well almost! And yes, it had to start with an addict, because it wouldn't be an adventure without it. My engine light had fun turning on the very morning of departure! However, I made my way to the Actiforme parking lot to join those who were to ride with me and tell them that I had to postpone the start by a few hours (at best). After several checks, visit to the dealership (no mechanic on Saturday), the light suddenly went out never to come back on again. But it was then too late to take the course as drawn. So I sat down at the living room table, changed my route, booked a hotel in Petawawa, and then hit the road through our beautiful country.

I will not relate everything that I have already put in the blog, let's say, in summary, that I had a nice GPS bug, which was fixed two days later but which made me improvise a GPS with my emergency phone and tie wraps !, that I laid the motorcycle on its right side in the middle of nowhere in Manitoba (yes, I took quite a few small roads) then again on the same side in the park Riding Mountain Canada. That's when I realized my center of gravity was too high. So I lowered my seat and finished the falls! Finally, due to the intense fires in British Columbia, I had to cancel my trip to Vancouver and Kelowna to find myself in Lake Louise. There is much worse all the same.

But what about this adventure, if it was not a real pleasure! I saw so many beautiful landscapes, met so many people with whom I was able to interact. I must confess that

the fact of traveling alone on a motorbike camping over such a distance did not go unnoticed at all. At each campsite I was asked questions, each time I refueled I was asked where I came from, where I was going. And each time: “Nice man! What an adventure, what a nice trip! ". And above all, everyone wished me: “Ride Safe!”. Yeah, I know the cliché of the Canadiens is to be the polite guy who always apologizes, well I have to say that is pretty close to that. The people are outgoing, ready to lend a hand (thanks to those who helped me get the bike up without me asking!), Always a nice word and a smile on their face. I spoke with a guy after filling up for over 30 or 40 mins when he originally came to eat his "subway" on his lunch break. All because he saw me with the bike as I ate a few nuts before leaving and it intrigued him. One of the most humanly memorable moments. Then two guys in BMW GS 1250 came to talk to me, they too were crossing as a duo ... so much so that I had to redo my route!

Besides that, you all continued to donate to research which helped me raise $ 5,981.59. Considering the conditions that once again hit the year 2021 (I'm talking about COVID), this is a real success !!!!

Thank you all for supporting me in this crazy project.

Thanks to Videotron for believing enough in the cause to be a Bronze partner

I look forward to seeing you next year for another adventure.

Dominique de Leeuw

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