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Because she taunted me in my parking lot ...

For the past few days, she had been in the parking lot looking me in the eye.

Concentrated, her eyes narrowed, her gaze piercing, she was beginning to grow impatient, resting comfortably on her central crutch.

So I could not help but take it out for a little ride. So I left for a small 140 kms. As I expected, the handling is unsurprising.

The 21-inch wheel means it has to be more conspicuously cornered, but the steering is precise. She goes where the eye takes her. The engine is smooth and purrs at all speeds. It is linear, unsurprisingly, but can also respond powerfully if called upon. What I'm not really doing, I'm breaking in !!!

Its behavior on unpaved road, including stones everywhere and holes on all sides, is really good. It is made for that, no doubt. So I drove a little 10 to 15 kms in like that and she surprised me. The tires are doing well, they are simple 80/20 (80% road / 20% off road), and being able to use the "gravel" mode which decreases the power, changes the traction control and the suspension helps a lot.

Regarding comfort, I must admit that the saddle may be a bit hard on long journeys, I will take a look at that. I will also put it in the high position next time in order to unfold my legs more. I am also thinking of raising the handlebars by 20 mm, thus allowing me to have less stretched arms so less tension in the elbows and wrists. So I will have to go and visit R4L Performance.

But in short, this short 2 hour drive south of Montérégie and to Dunham was a pleasure. By the way, the cornering lights are really useful and illuminate the low side very well.

Dominique de Leeuw

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