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Creating the event

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to think big.

How it all began ...

I was in the process of creating the event of 2021, a cool course of around 400 km. Everything was fine, I had finalized it. The track was complete with all its stages, but I was missing something ...

The length of the route? the quality of the settings crossed? The abundant turns?

No! Simply of magnitude !!!

2020 was an extraordinary year, an unprecedented break. Not only has it forced us to change our rhythm of life by alternating confinements and pseudo deconfinements, but above all it has had a huge impact on the quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis.

Deprived of rehabilitation treatment, of the possibility of going to the gym, the physical condition could only go down, even though Zoom and others proved to be useful.

So faced with so much damage, it needed magnitude. An event at the height of this this year had stolen from us.

The Trans-Canada Edition of "Stop MS: It's Rolling!" was born. At least in idea.

Put a plan in place

So I started to make the route, to see which way to go.

Once it was established, even if I will still have a few adjustments to make, it was still necessary to give it scope, to keep it alive.

So I contacted the Multiple Sclerosis Society to tell them about it.

But I also needed a way to disseminate information, to make the event come alive.

I then got down to the task and created this website which will contain both all the information necessary to register and participate whatever the involvement, but also a blog to allow you to read and follow the progress of the creation of the event and its execution.

Dominique de Leeuw

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