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Day 8 - Côte-Nord

It feels like the beginning of the end. And yes, today I started route 138 in the opposite direction. It has to end one day and my blood bank for mosquitoes is dried up!

Seriously, that doesn't make sense. I wonder how they managed not to completely empty me.

In short, I took the road from Natashquan under a sun and a beautiful sky after all the early morning in the mist. But hey, it only lasted a few miles. So I covered more than 80% of the way in the rain. So you will understand that for the visits, we will come back! I only stopped twice over the 514 km, excluding a brief interruption to fill up with petrol.

My first stop was on the side of the road between two rainy periods to put on my North Face down layer and my glove liners. Because at 12 degrees in the rain, I was freezing and even the heated grips had trouble supplying me!

The second was in Sept-Iles in order, among other things, to snack on my dates and the Jerky bought at the gas station. Yes, I know, it's ordinary...but I love this in my big wrinkles! I see many motorcycles and can-am parked on the other side of the street at the gas station looking at me. I give them a nod (I was braking to park) like I always do, then I park on the right side of the road in an empty parking lot. I start my jerky while talking to Yannick, when I see all these beautiful people coming to park next to me and a woman gets off her mount and walks towards me asking me if I'm Dominique. I was so not expecting that! They follow me on the “Moto camping Québec” group, where I also post my adventures. Really quite a surprise. By the way, tag yourself in the comments so I can recognize you. Because, once again, I forgot to ask for the names!

In short, after this improbable meeting, I took the road again to go to the campsite of the bay (offered in support of the cause of Multiple Sclerosis, I will make an equivalent donation.). At least it's not raining anymore even though a few drops fell when I was setting up the tent, and my view is superb.

Merci tout le monde.

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