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Day 9 - Côte-Nord

It is today that I leave the North Shore to go to Gaspésie. So I took advantage of my view while having lunch and drinking my coffee. She is definitely as beautiful in the morning as in the evening.

Then I pack up my tent again, seriously I got good after all this time! Just like setting up the tent when it's quite windy and she just wants to go for a walk. That was the day before! :)

I then ride my steed and we leave for Godbout to take the ferry. Arrived at the port after having fun on a beautiful winding road, I present myself with my motorcycle at the gate of the port agent. Being early, I have no one behind me and just a car in front. When my turn comes, I park in front of the window, say hello to the gentleman who asks me if I have a reservation. I answer yes and give him my name at his request. It is then that he hands me, and therefore gives me, a rigid note as long as your arm. I take it, but… where do I put it? Trying to see if I can ride with it in my right hand, Nop no gas control, left? Hmm, not better with the clutch. I tell myself that I will hold it with my mouth … nop not fit in the helmet. The guy from the cabin and one of his colleagues were laughing! I pitifully hand him the ticket back, asking him for a minute while he unties my bag to access my large chest pocket. He was smiling and saying something like "It's more complicated with motorcycles, always lack of space". Especially mine, I'm loaded like a mule. They were super nice these two laughing. I made their day and mine too. It starts off well for a morning.

The thing:

After waiting a good hour and so, I boarded the ferry and parked the bike first on the side stand. I grabbed a sailor to ask him if I had to stow it, he replied that no, not necessary, the sea is calm today. Ho, I just realized that I didn't take a picture of the motorbike in the boat... damn! I then go up like everyone else to enjoy the crossing and even eat at mass.

After 2.5 hours, we dock at Matane and I hit the road again. I go to Amqui, stopping to look at a few covered bridges, then I go back up, cross Rimouski and go to Bic National Park. Here are 331 kms of facts.

However, there is a small change of plan. Until this morning, media forecast forecast heavy rain for Monday and Tuesday on the Bic and even thunderstorms with heavy rain on Tuesday for the way back. So I decided to drop Parc national du Bic to go to Montmagny and from there I could go home on Monday. So I took a day off but this allows me to stay ahead of the storms. I thus added a small 217 km to the existing 331. So I spent a huge part of the day driving to get to my destination. Let's say that the visits were not really on the menu. But, it was the only way to minimize risk and put safety and caution first.

Anyway, tonight I'm "camping" in Montmagny and tomorrow will be the last stretch.

My campsite

Merci tout le monde.

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