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First ride in the Trans Canada configuration

The sun has finally shown the tip of its nose during a day when I was not working.

So I immediately took advantage of it and left for almost 300 km of roads.

In order to prepare myself for this summer's trip, and after having already driven some 300 kms in its stripped-down configuration, I put the luggage in place and then I took the direction of Lake Brôme.

Of course, I did not load the luggage as it will be in August, but it allows me to test the configuration and the wind resistance.

My suitcases do not really have much mass in addition to their own. So, I did not modify the configuration of the shock absorbers. It must be said that it is very complicated and requires tools to change the preload and the compressions ... but no, I'm kidding, I just have to press a button! :)

On my first stop, I made a few changes. my GPS was not optimally placed and above all, I returned the seat to the high or normal position. I put it in the low position when I bought it so that my feet were flat on the ground when I was stationary.

Quite a difference. The position is more natural and pleasant. The legs are less folded and this is felt in the joints.

Of course, I did not change the settings of the GPS. Result, ride on unpaved paths ... Seriously, I take a liking to it!

Finally, I made it to my destination. The catch in the wind is obvious, but the bike remains stable, it is really pleasant to ride!

Lots of fun to come!

Dominique de Leeuw

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