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In about a month ....

In a month, I will be on the eve of leaving for Expedition 51, a 5,200 km journey crossing Labrador, Newfoundland as well as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Everything will be done by motorbike camping, so that means bringing what you need to be independent.

Of course, this includes the tent, the stove, but also a few other things like:

The sleeping bag and clothes are missing as well as some dehydrated food.

Let's just say it will fill my suitcases and make my metal steed a well-laden mule!

As you probably know, there are currently fires raging in Labrador, at least one of which is right on my route and forced the evacuation of Churchill Falls. And it's not like it's possible to get around the area, there's only one road!

So, in the event that this has not resolved by departure, I will cancel my reservations and leave for the North Shore. So, whatever happens, the event will take place even if it changes it somewhat.

To make this event a success for research, do not hesitate to donate via:

Merci :)



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