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In just over 3 months...

Indeed, time passes quickly since, in a little over 3 months, I will be on the road to travel the North Shore. Almost all my reservations are in place, I only have Kegaska/Natashquan and Godbout left. I am also awaiting confirmation from Hydro Quebec to be able to visits Manic 2 and Manic 5.

Spring having pointed its nose, the preparation of the motorcycle begins to do so. A small delay is to be expected before it finds the asphalt, the Lithium battery having decided to drop me. But for the rest, she's quite impatient to stretch her wheels... Maybe a little projection? :)

I already have my first trip planned, of course nothing in straight lines, all curves and small roads, to get the candy box of mini soaps which will be drawn at random on my return among all the donors.

Moreover, a first milestone has been reached in fundraising since the first $1,000 has been moved.

We are only at the beginning and I take this opportunity to give you the links for:

Thank you!


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