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It is finally here!

It was this Thursday that I received my new steed with 0.0 km on the meter. She is deep black with a fierce look that betrays her desire to conquer the road. The sound of the engine is captivating and resembles a deep feline purr.

I could not, of course, resist the call of the road the same day for a short 70 km. What a discovery this motorcycle is. You should know that I could not try it before buying it. As the model was quite rare last year, it was impossible to get a try. In a way, it allows me to have a brand new bike. So I discovered it during my little ride. The engine is not explosive, but linear, full of power. The 1084cc twin-cylinder expresses itself wonderfully and moves the bike's 250kg like nothing. The gearbox is precise, the gears switch smoothly.

The revving is rapid and the RPM must be monitored, especially when riding in the first 1000 km. The notion of speed is very relative. Because of its build and electronically controlled shock absorbers, you feel much less speed. The Africa Twin Adventure Sport is begging to please us. In fact, its weight is completely erased while riding. It is perfectly balanced even at very low speed. The clutch is precise and allows you to juggle the point of friction in first gear. Do not get me wrong, the 250 kg are still very present, especially when maneuvering in first gear. But, with habit and sharp techniques, it lives up to its reputation. Unfortunately, my Quick Shifter doesn't seem to be working. After verification, it is not taken into account by the motorcycle. I will check this with the official tuner of my bike, R4L Performance. They delivered an absolutely excellent and very carefully prepared motorcycle to me. Only the suitcases remain to be put in place in order to be able to test it in its long-haul condition. Then the suitcases will be loaded to take it in hand in its summer configuration.

For having operated it at a standstill and having mounted it in my shed in order to finish the preparation (installation of my GPS, checking my Quick Shifter, updating the OS, ...), my biggest challenge is at that level. Compared to my CB599 Hornet, it’s quite a big bit to move without the assistance of the motor. Its mass is really felt and I don't have everything in place yet (suitcases and full load). I'll get used to it and take my bearings, but I admit it's quite a change. Besides, I had forgotten that getting on a center stand is not as easy as it seems. But I'm sure it's my technique that isn't good. 😊

In short, this bike is remarkable. It is quite a challenge, but also a great joy.

Dominique de Leeuw


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