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J + 1 … De l’aventure je vous dis!

As you have surely seen on the Facebook page of the event, I had some motorcycle problems ... the famous electronics

In short, apart from making me leave later and redrawing the start of my course, nothing serious. So I drove nearly 400 km in the afternoon.

What about the road…. trees, trees… and more trees :). I had been warned, but seeing him is something else.

And why do I mention adventure in the title? Because not every good adventure comes without junkies, it seems, which deserves the name adventure. Thus, for the hundredth time at least, I am updating the positions of the radars over the wifi ... normal thing. And there, at 90%… it crashes! he loses the connection… and poof the gps does not restart anymore !!! It is good for a restoration! But of course, do I have my computer ??? Bin no.

So on the second day, bye-bye GPS!

I admit that it disturbed me a bit and kept me awake quite a bit. A motorcycle card is not great especially in the rain. Then an idea occurred to me. I'll tell you about it soon after an attempt at DIY house style "Mc Gyver"

On those, I have lunch and then get ready for, I think, my longest stage of the ride (by necessity). Something like 856 kms which will start in the rain.

Thanks everyone!

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