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J+11 … Arriving at the Lac Louise

It was after lightly beaten up with my luggage (I don't understand, I eat part of it, the food is dry, and yet it closes less well than at the start!) That I took the road to Lake Louise. So I took the same road as yesterday, which also means the same Park Canada access control post. So, stopping in front of the post, I raise my visor and prepare to grab my pass in one of my pockets with my gloves, in short you can imagine the pleasure, when I hear the lady say "Ho, no it's ok ! I recognize you form yesterday. You can go! "! So I said thank you and wished him a good day with a big smile!

So I went back in front of breathtaking landscapes, my eyes wide open so as not to miss a thing. I hope my GoPro did the same. So I drove a few kilometers, reached close to 5000 from the start, I admit that I don't pay more attention to it than that, I rather look at the quantity of gasoline that I burned as well as the estimate of autonomy that the motorbike tells me… But I digress, so I rode a few kilometers when my stomach signals me that the frugal lunch has become a vague memory! I remember walking past a breakfast restaurant / souvenir shop / hotel / quite a few things, so taking my trouble patiently, I went there! No lunch was served anymore because we were past 11am (ha already? That's pretty much what crossed my mind). Never mind, what do you have for lunch? :) And that's how I filled the thought !!!

The road resumed, I return in front of the Columbia glacier then continue my way this time.

I admit that I made fewer stops than yesterday. I wanted to get to my destination quickly to pitch my tent and relax a bit. That didn’t stop me from taking a little tour around Bow Lake. Truly beautiful (I know, puny pun!), Its water comes from a melting glacier which makes it pretty cold. I saw two people jump in and then come out chattering their teeth. I don't understand, I had both feet in it and I wasn't freezing! Must say that my GoreTex boots are damn waterproof !! (Yes, my night of humor! ... better not that I change careers!)

And finally I arrived at the campsite. In fact, it may also be a prison. We are surrounded by an electrified fence to avoid the visit of bears, I was told. But I wonder if it's not rather to prevent us from scattering in nature and damaging it. Anyway, my tent and climb, my freeze-dried meal taken and once I'm done writing to you… well I'll read.

Tomorrow, direction the lake.

Thank you everyone and please don't hesitate to encourage your friends, acquaintances, relatives, ex, strangers on the street to donate for multiple sclerosis research:

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