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J+12 … The Lac Louise

Ho my! I almost forgot to tell you about my day. What a failure that would have been. So here's what happened that day. As you remember, I did not go to BC. Normally I would have driven from Squamish to Kelowna via Vancouver. Instead, I went to bathe the pill at Lac Louise.

I reassure you right away, I did not take a bench, stretched out on it and then fell asleep! Instead, I walked around the lake and then went to the tearoom up there. Knowing that this lake is very very very touristy, I got up not too late then, after having juggled with the suitcases to leave only the food inside (bear obliges) and my hiking shoes (I also washed myself , but now it's an anecdote) I left in the direction of this famous body of water. Good idea here, because even if it was only 8 hours away, the parking lot was already almost full!

A good thing about the bike is that we have a little bit of space just for us and I was the first. I assure you, it only takes the place of a car. Once parked, I take off my coat and my boots to put them in my suitcases and put on my walking shoes. Yeah, I was almost fully equipped, just the pants that weren't playable… I'm okay with riding with less protection but still. You who know me, you must not be surprised.

So I go back to find myself facing a large pool of water… Yeah the lake!

Not quite the first (on the reflex)

Between you and me, Bow Lake is prettier. But never mind, I'm starting to walk around it. It’s still far from ugly. I take this opportunity to take some pictures and take pictures for others. I took the opportunity to ask for one of myself! :)

Proof that I'm fine there, or I've become damn good at photo editing!

In fact, in my opinion the most beautiful and what is behind the lake, the road to the glaciers. Listening only to my courage, or my curiosity, I therefore decided to take the path that goes up, goes up again and continues to climb! But what splendor on the other hand !!!! We walk along a swamp which allows the water to settle a little before reaching the lake. We meet climbers who go climbing as well as tourists who have chosen the horse option.

So I walked something like 13.7 km after Apple (round trip) all in elevation. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to do a lot of squats before the start with all the workouts on Zoom, because I will have quite a few thighs that would have sent me for a walk! So I went, quietly and at my own pace, to the tea room all the way up. Definitely worth a visit. Having a rooibos tea with a sandwich surrounded by the top of the mountains and their glaciers is simply surreal!

I completely forgot to take a picture of the tearoom.

I finally came back down, I have to, the day is progressing. I rested a bit looking at a landscape that just makes you forget everything else. Then, finally, returned to the parking lot, my handkerchief for motorcycles was filled.

Tomorrow walk on the Columbia Glacier.

Bulk photo of my day ... I took a few, many of them on my SLR.

Thanks everyone!

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