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J-13 ... The preparation is still going on

The new set of tires installed, it had to be tested.

So I went for a short 200 km ride in order to "break" them. Indeed, it is always necessary to remove the layer of coating which comes with the new tires to facilitate their removal from the mold. This is the time when they are most slippery, so it is better to take care of them before the departure for the big ride!

This allowed me to realize that the front tire makes a sound when you are around 90 km / h. But hey, with plugs in the ears, it's not a problem. Aside from that, I feel a bit more vibration in the bike due to the tire design, which is normal as they are studs. The handling, meanwhile, is very good and they react well on hard braking.

As it was 28 degrees Celsius and above, I was able to test the ventilation of my jacket as well as my pants. It's just awesome! Sitting down, you can feel the air circulating. it goes in through the forearms and thighs to come out in the back and behind the legs. The most striking is when I am standing. In this position it's super refreshing. :)

It only remains for me to see how I will manage the "comfort" of the seat.

It is approaching ......

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