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J+14 … Still at the same place

And yes, as you know, I am in my days off. So I didn't change campsites, the bike didn't move a single millimeter (unless the terrain moved, but there is nothing I can do about it!). On the other hand, my legs don't say the same thing.

I went to visit Johnston Canyon. The start is really very very tourist friendly. By that I mean the path is paved and there are barriers all along. I admit that I found it a bit disappointing. But, it’s full of tourists and it’s made for that. Be careful, it's very beautiful, there are just too many tourists for my taste.

On the other hand, the rest of the route, which becomes much more of a trekking, is much less frequented. To my great pleasure, I admit it. So I went to the “ink pot” recommended to me by the person from Parc Canada at the entrance to my campsite. This is a total of about 12 km of walk, round trip. I loved. The view is beautiful and “Ink Pot” is quite nice thank you! I put you some pictures.

As I'm on vacation too, I have to admit that I spoiled myself tonight by going to a nice bistro (always on foot) to have my Bison meal and my beer (no one is perfect).

Tomorrow is another day… and I'll see what to do. Maybe a real rest because the day after tomorrow begins the way back!

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