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J+16 … the begining of the end

And yes, it had to happen! I don't have vacations galore, and my boss wouldn't agree anyway, so I headed home.

So I don’t visit much because I have a lot of distance to cover and all on the Trans-Canada Highway. But as you shouldn't exaggerate, I'm not taking the same route as going of course! I go further south via Calgary.

Calgary and its highways has 5 voices and it’s work. Result my GPS freaked out! He didn't get me through tons of branch lines! And we can tell that once I'm hired I'm a little done! ;) Once out of Calgary, he suddenly added more than 2 hours of travel !!! So I pulled over to the side to put his mind back together and everything was fine ... until I got to the hotel where, right in the middle of the motorway, he said “you have arrived at your destination! Bye! ”. Ok, the “Bye!” Add it to me. ;)

But let's come back a few hours before. When I left Banff, I was drowned in smoke. So much so that this morning ash covered the motorcycle!

In fact, once I passed Banff, I was slowed down by a fire the firefighters were dealing with. I even ran on self-timer. Really, the fires are intense in the west. But when you look, the whole country is affected. Everywhere the cloud of smoke reigns supreme. Less intense than on the BC or in the rockies, but you can see it everywhere. In any case, he hasn't let go of me yet.

However, what has changed is the temperature! I rode in 37 degrees, it's hot! Even with all ventilation open and standing on the bike, I could only feel the heat. In fact, I felt like I was in front of a hair dryer! Looks like I have to get used to it. :)

The meadows ... it's pretty flat!

A little more hilly in Saskatchewan

Tomorrow, a "small" 600 km awaits me. I’ll see if I’m cracking something interesting.

Thank you

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