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J+17 … The long ribbon of bitumen.

And yes, I travel the prairies from the south (Calgary, Medicine Hat, Current Swift, ...) and I notice that it is a lot flatter than the north of them! But I mean flat and not flat. I'd much rather roam the prairies than Ontario (which is fast approaching!)

So I left Current Swift this morning with a pleasant temperature, let's say in the 20s. I stopped to refuel and my on-board computer then gave me a range of 662 km! And he's not wrong! I checked my consumption before refueling and ... it's really flat in that area!

On the other hand, it was without counting the wind which came in the afternoon and never let go of me. So I spent my time riding the bike sideways. :) Not to mention the temperature which did not take off of 39 degrees. No, it's not true she was oscillating with the 36!

On the road I passed either next door or in towns like "Qu'appelle" (something is missing there!), Moose Jaw (the rest did not interest them, just the jawbone!), And others including I forgot the name even though I thought I should remember it. ;)

But I admit that I spent quite a bit of time riding, standing up to have ventilation in my clothes (just hot air), refueling….

Yes yes, there is wind!

Result, despite my confirmation at the campsite and my payment made, I stopped in a hotel in Brandon. Really too hot! And considering how much road I still have to do, I need to sleep, so ...

Tomorrow is another sliver of asphalt!

Thanks everyone and you have a few days left to spend thousands of dollars on Multiple Sclerosis research! ;)

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