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J+18 … back in Ontario

Today was a driving day. You need it from time to time. Anyway, I have no choice at the end of the course.

So I left Manitoba to go back to Ontario. Moreover, it is quite easy to know that you are approaching ... Forests are more and more present, to the point of becoming the backdrop. Once Winnipeg passed, I headed for Kenora. Quite a bit of a straight line as far as the eye can see. Then from Kenora, I headed for Thunder Bay for a while and then went north. The roads then became nicer. They go up and down, follow the turns. This is not the straight Ontario road is flat in every sense of the word. I admit that after a while the landscape becomes pretty much just the trees, but hey, you have to go through that.

Finally, I landed in a small motel in Ignace with a great view.

Tomorrow is another day on the road, but less intense. The next two, on the other hand, are going to be something.


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