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J+19 et 20 … it's almost done!!! :(

I admit that I left you out for a bit last night. Let's say that in two days, I have traveled about 1400 kms. So I haven't done a lot of tourism, let's say.

Much of the scenery was like "bitumen and forest on every edge", Ontario what. But that's not quite true. There are very beautiful areas around Thunder Bay and the roads are winding with beautiful views of the various lakes. This part is very interesting.

I also took the time to rest for a few moments in Nipigon. I had seen an observation bridge on the way there, but it was drowned in smoke, so I didn't stop. But this time the weather was clear. So I climbed the stairs below 37 degrees (think about it ... with my gear!) To give you that view. You are lucky all the same!

That day, I never started to take a tangent leading me more to Northern Ontario than the big lakes. Yes, I had some great straight lines, but also some great roads off of Highway 11 and onto Fourth Avenue in Matheson. Seriously, it was really beautiful. This part runs along the water's edge with all the bends that entails.

Can't give you a picture, I was counting on my GoPro ... but I think it was running out of battery :(.

I finally left our neighbors to come back home, but in Abitibi. This is really hot! Beautiful roads, pretty villages. This is my first foray into this area, and I will be back. I had a lot of fun with the bike on its roads and time flies as well.

It goes by too quickly ... but that's another story.

Tomorrow, the house.

Thank you everyone.

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