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J+5 … Well, I think!

After a beautiful restful night and a nice meeting in the morning, I finally left Ontario! I went to Manitoba. The nice meeting woke me up when I came to do the roof of the toilets / showers. He even took the opportunity to make a donation! But back to our sheep, end of Ontario and beginning of Manitoba. I will not show you a picture of myself in front of the Manitoba sign ... I don’t have one. I went through some super fun little roads! So no big signs, nothing! I realized this when at a stop I saw two cars with Manitoba plates.

It’s not far from there that I ran into mom bear and her cubs. :) They just cut me off. Well, I tell myself that they have priority ... and that I am no match for it!

It's also a little further that I baptised the bike!

Nothing serious. It was not for nothing that I added crash bars! In fact, it wasn't an “if” she falls, but a “when” she falls. And yes, stall in first on a gravel exit on a slope and the wheel turned… that is not forgiving. And at her weight, I tried to hold her back and then I thought I was just going to hurt myself ... so I walked her down to the ground.

We were 3 people to raise it! She is fat, madam. And yes, I hear you think so, and I thought so too, with the DCT (automatic transmission) it wouldn't have happened. Bah… she is simply baptized. As a reminder, this is an ADVENTURE Sport. ;)

So I got back on the road and presto, I went to see the "Seven Sisters" hydroelectric power station and no, I did not fall on the gravel !!!

Finally, I reached the meadows to go to my campsite. Between you and me, I find it quite beautiful. We'll see with the 600 kms tomorrow if I change my mind.

In short, it's almost time for sleep.

By the way, the bear proof canister is in the tent.

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