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J-6 ... Finalizing

After receiving my waterproof bags for the aluminum cases. I was able to spend the evening playing Tetris to make it all fit. And everything fits !!! In addition, the side cases are of a similar weight (1.2 kg difference), so the balance of the motorcycle will not be compromised.

For that, I had to bring myself to put all the camping equipment in my back seat: the tent, the sleeping bag, the mattress and my walking shoes. And yes, I don't want to spend my life in my motorcycle boots!

While I was having fun preparing the bike, I gave it a "toilet" then I put on my tank protectors. It gives me more grip while also avoiding scratching the paint. Okay, it's a double side tape that holds them in place. So once posed, it is obvious that they will stay there!

One thing I like about this bike is that I only have to touch my touchscreen for the bike to adjust its suspensions for a passenger + luggage. Much easier than playing around with a wrench on the rear suspension and tweaking the front suspension. Probably it could be better, but I'm fine with it.

So I only have a few reservations left, refuel, try it the same way (anayway, it will be that configuration) and manage its some 290 or 300 kg during the trip. :)

To be continued ....

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