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J+6 … the beauty of the meadows

Many people told me that the meadows were only plains and that the whole landscape was the same. Well no, I can't find it. Drake it's not flat, it always goes up a bit and then down a bit further. ;)

But seriously, it's a beautiful landscape of meadows of different colors depending on what grows and what crops. But yes, those are long straight lines. Cruise control on, and things are going smoothly.

There are also phenomenally long trains there (I drove two kilometers to get from start to finish of one of them).

But mostly nice people. There I met a young man (in his early thirties) who had returned to take care of his grandmother with dementia (who is now deceased) and his grandfather. He told me about his adventures as one would a boyfriend and asked me many questions. So much so that after 30 mins (probably even more, I haven't timed it), he said to me: "Ho, I would have to go eat, I'm on my break from work" :)

Then it was, in the same place, the turns of two retirees in BMW from Victoriaville !!!! Quebecers not far from home! So little talk ... then go back the age of my itinerary because I would have arrived way too late.

Then finally (I'll pass you the shadows of people asking me where I come from and where I'm going), arrived at the campsite, I pitch my tent while two people of about 65 come to park next to them in a small RV. Super cool, we chat and they are two people (married and wife) from the Yukon! He has a road Harley, but because of the weather they are not riding a motorbike to get to Hudson, Quebec. So we talked about a lot of things including both and the smoke that is rampant in Ontario. We spoke for a few hours in total before and after dinner. :)

In short, great meetings.

Thanks everyone!

And there's still time to give:

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