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Mostely need bike ...

For the past eight years, my mount has not changed. She led me to many places in Quebec. She transported me to Prince Edward Island, passing through the Gaspé of course! :) She served me day after day to transport me to work.

But there, to achieve a course of 10,000km, I have some doubts. Not at all in relation to the technical capacity of my mount, but not badly more in mine. And yes, it's silly, but as I get older my joints have strangely become more sensitive. Let's say my knees and ankles started screaming at the idea of ​​the project.

So I started my shopping with fairly specific criteria while remaining open:

The position: As straight as possible so as not to put too much strain on the joints of the knees, ankles and wrists.

  • Autonomy: Like just not the taste to plan my route about the gas stations or to stress by wondering if I will go!

  • Reliability: I think that speaks for itself. It's just obvious.

  • Comfort: I think it is quite important over such a distance.

So I ended up aligning three models:

  • The BMW 850 GS Adventure

  • The Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport

  • The Triumph Tiger 900 GT pro or Rally pro

The choice is pending.

To be continued ....

My current CB599 Hornet.

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