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Nothing would be possible without the right actors

As you all know, I'm leaving for a short 4000 km on the North Shore starting July 2nd. For a total of 11 days, I will live on my motorcycle and in my tent at night... But really a lot on my Africa Twin!

That's how much I have to make sure I'm able to stay in the saddle for very long hours, even if, we won't hide it, it's always a huge pleasure. For this, I surrounded myself with an exceptional team that has only one objective: "To make me sweat". Actiforme, my health partner, has concocted programs optimized for my goal, this one and the next.

But the trip is not just about fitness, it also relies heavily on how well the bike works. This one will have to travel all kinds of roads, including gravel, without ever doing anything but give its best. My mechanical partner, R4L Performance, takes care of making sure it can go through everything I'm going to put it through without ever letting go. Thanks to our collaboration last year, it is with pleasure that they are again on this adventure.

Thank you for supporting me on my adventures again this year!

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