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The 2022 motorcycle season is upon us… or almost

The same goes for the new version of "Stopping MS: it's rolling!" ".

I admit that last year's edition is a bit difficult to match, but I wanted to create an event in the same spirit. Thus, while keeping the objective of discovering both people and landscapes, I have reduced the distance that will be traveled and the time spent in the saddle.

I present to you the Côte-Nord edition!

Over a distance of about 4,000 km, I will travel Route 138 to its very end in Kegaska. I will also take the 389 to Labrador City via Manic 5 and 2. Besides, a visit to the two facilities is planned. To view the route, just follow the link on Google maps: Just like during the previous edition, from July 2 to 12, I will work as much as possible via camping in complete autonomy.

I therefore invite you to support me through donations or by registering to come and ride with me.

If you would like to sponsor me or have a partnership with me, or simply talk to your company about it, just contact me.

The preparation begins...

Dominique de Leeuw

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