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Tons and Tons of Details

Preparation is ongoing. Sometimes I feel like I'm standing still, but no, it's just painstaking work!

There are a multitude of details to sort out and organize. Pretty much everything is in place with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and their transactional website. The documents for the sponsorship search are ready and validated. Moreover, I would like to warmly thank the people of the Montérégie section of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, their support is most useful in putting together the documentation.

On the track side, I keep pushing it forward because there are always small changes to put in place. I am in the process of inserting group trips to allow people to join me. This therefore means modifying a portion of the route so that it is pleasant for those who will ride with me on a small stretch. For the moment, only the day of departure is in place.

From an equipment point of view, how to say ... Phew, there is work!

As I will be camping for more than three quarters of the course, I have to equip myself! I buy the necessary stock little by little, trying not to forget anything and managing the place. Everything should be light and not too bulky. The tent is bought. I chose a model that was neither too big nor too small to be able to put my stock in at night: the two-second Fresh & Black tent for two people from Décathlon. But still so much to buy.

Motorcycle side, it is paid and in preparation. I look forward!!!!!

As soon as I have it in its fully equipped version, I will share it with you. The center stand is only scheduled for early April. But I will have it before and I will return for its installation.

In the meantime, I present to you the wheels bought this week for my wife. :)

Dominique de Leeuw

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